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Parents have the guilty, they dress their daughters as spankees

This is a post my blog´s teacher send me. I want to give you a lot of thanks and tell you are a lovely girl and also a naughty spankee

Author: Selene

Parents have the guilty, they dress their daughters as spankees

Since they were child... they are going to the street dressed like spankees, uniformed to attend their schools which normally belong to clergy, so that it´s usual certain percentage come into spanking scene.
What does a young girl feel when she watch images that explode the school image as sexual icone?
Today I don´t fantasize about uniforms, but I want to tell you what happened to me when I was about 10. We had a trunk at home, my daughters and me used to disguise. Among these clothes there were three checked skirts. I don´t know its procedence, because of we didn´t go to private schools... but they there were over there among hundreds of clothes that livened up our afternoons.

I´m still getting alive the images about us dressed as schoolgirls, due to we didn´t use uniforms, so that they were costumes for us. Of course I didn´t see any image as I have described, but I remember myself in front of a big wooden wardrobe which had a big mirror that covered almost totally its door, dressing a blue skirt and looking at myself in the mirror.

I remember a strange excitation which without question was sexual I used to satisfy reading a tale´s book!, yes..... as you have read.. tale´s book. At this age I hadn´t another material. In this book there was an illustration about a man with severe expression looking at young boy, that bowed his face.

At this dialoghe the young boy said:

-Well, punish me twice, I deserve it.

He didn´t talk about spanking, the punishment was different, in a book was plenty of schoolgirls uniformed, getting cornertime... it was the phrase and the expression of a severe man which looked like to manage all with this severe look. And this man who managed all, finally resulted to be a wonderful father worried about his family. He was the person in charge to administer the punishment. Looking this picture I masturbated for the first time.

Today i´m not looking for the origin of my tendences, but I suppose all of us had seeking its.
Spankee inbornes not acquires... and surely it comes from the joint of several factors which separated hadn´t create a fantasy, but united made me a spankee.

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