miércoles, 22 de noviembre de 2006

Mature spankee Vs young spankee

When I sent my first post To Fer, he answers and tells me that he had liked it, and there was another theme that was in the air, a mature woman who is spanked by a young man. He didn´t specify me the genre of spanker, and I seized this situation to play with his idea, and change the theme of the post. I´m more attracted by the different possibilities that young and mature spankees represent. Due to some girls in their twenties wrote comments about my previous post I know they exist. The main theme of this post is about the choice between mature or young spankees giving details within my limitations, the qualities they represented to me.Spanking a woman who is in her thirties or forties is a pleasure difficult to explain; the sensation about have over our knees a plenty woman has a lot of lovely implications to a young spanker as me. The initial respect derivated between the age difference is transformed by the slow spanking is coming. Particularly i like very much the image of a mature woman been spanked over the knees of a young spanker, submiting and enjoying as girl the stinging of her bottom. By a moment she leaves to be a busy woman to submit the young man, that finds her plenty of forms and spiritual. For much women the roleplay has finished, and they enjoyed only for a plesure that represents spanking. It´s time to experiment with new implements, positions and perhaps to stablish a spanking couple relationship.The youth of a spankee is an element that is not possible to recover. The naivety and the smoothness of spankee´s bottom are very important to arouse to spanker sensations from younger to older. The older spankers have the opportunity to remember their first spankings if they had or to fantasy about it if they hadn´t. But young spankees have not only virtues, because usually they are not able to let theirselves go by the experience as older women have. At this age, in every punishment the spankee wants to run away from the spanker´s knees and certain kind of shame as time goes by. I only pretend to open a debate, comments and critics about this post.Finally, I think it´s not important to be older or younger, only the way we enjoy.

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