lunes, 15 de enero de 2007

Physics of spanking

Speechless is the word which describes my condition after reading Nawaijin´s article in a BDSM page. I don´t like BDSM, but I tried to write "fisica del azote" ( physics of spanking in spanish), and therefore I found it. In this post Nawaijin introduces answers for some questions, why does cane hurt more than hand?. Pressure is the magnitude which indicates how is force distributed over the surface where is applied. What looks like obvious, cane hurts more than a hand stroke, finds its answer in physics. ( Pressure= force/surface).

Conclusions of this article are understable, without studying in depth the concepts which hold up its, because common sense gives us the conviction, holed paddles hurt more than conventional paddles. Holes appart from allow more velocity, reduce the surface of impact in the bottom, so that pressure is increased and therefore pain too.

As a curiosity, and because in Nawaijin article doesn´t appear, I´m going to contribute with others data and curiosities. Sometimes we have seen when a tamer waves the whip, it cracks, this is due to tip of tail has exceeded the sound barrier. Energy of this stroke has travelled along the whip, increasing speed of the tip, that causes a sharp crack--literally a sonic boom. It´s the same effect when aircraft breaks sound barrier ( MACH 1= 340 m/s or 761.2 mph).

I suppose these curiosities are imposed by study, they are starting to break my logic...

jueves, 11 de enero de 2007

Family Discipline

Domestic discipline is not one of my favourites fetishes inside spanking, But I have to admit that´s very funny and more or less good performances can excite me. These reliable situations would give that way to spanking scene, that anglo-saxons call attitude adjustment.
Practically, everypeople involved into spanking develop this fantasy, at a given moment have thought and got excited, performing in our heads images and situations that give way to domestic, family or couple scene. Needless to say, I am completely against punishment for minors.
Once made this introduction, I would like to explain the reason for this post, that´s no other than to introduce so singular video that came to me by chance. I have shared it with many people, specially with one girl I won´t name, but I think when she read this she will know I´m talking about her.

I hope you enjoy this video