sábado, 17 de noviembre de 2007

Amber Pixie Wells

Recently I´ve discovered a new spankee who until now had been hidden to me, she´s 25, her name is Amber Pixie Wells and works for Punished Brats.
She is charming and nice, and since I told her the idea of writing a post about her spanking modeling career, she showed delighted. So, she has written a presentation :

Hi, I’m Amber Pixie Wells of PunishedBrats.com. I’ve had an interest in spanking for as long as I can remember. Thankfully, with the help of the internet, I was able to connect to others that also share this interest. It is a relief to realize that there are so many spanking enthusiasts out there and a joy to connect with people from all over the world that share the love of a spanked bottom!

Surfing across internet as I´ve told you, I watched a video from this company, in which Pixie worked. It attracted my attention. It was a preview of different aspects of making spanking videos. Such a certain making off video.
I´ve posted it right down, so you can see how is a spanking movie set. Not all is crying, there are smiles too, bloopers and complicity between actress and actors.


Once you have had the chance to enjoy these scenes, that gently Pixie allow me to show, I threaten to visit her incredible blog: http://spankingpixie.blogspot.com/
It´s very curious, well Pixie´s story seems to ours own stories. Hiding fascinated since her childhood by spanking, she was becoming in her teenage a bigger curiosity of it, until internet age, in which she connected the spanking community.
After a crisis, that seems very similar to others that most of us have suffered, suffer or will suffer at least once in a life, she moved away from spanking after a few months of chatting and posting in groups. She came back one day after an incident she classifies as private. Since then, her career has been meteorical.
In her own words, she was born spanko and it´s impossible to deny who she is and how she feels.
For that reason, she was honest and sincere with her boyfriend when they began to go out. She told him how important spanking and her career as spankee model is for her ( Brave action, don´t you?). By the way she would never keep secrets from him that soon or later would be revealed.
I hope you like this article, and still more Pixie

miércoles, 14 de noviembre de 2007

A few very good reasons why you should be spanked

After a certain period of relax. I come back to write again and I wanna talk about the benefits of spanking on spankees and on their bottoms.
I´m not only talking about the pleasure but a real assessment.
I´m going to enumerate the most important , and I´m sure you´ll be able to tell me others that I don´remember now. There it goes!

1.- Happiness: The effect of spanking on the buttocks is very known here, cause we´ve discussed about it so many times. This effect over our nervous system, is in one aspect chemical and it´s produced by endorphines situated in the hypophysis and pituitary gland. These opiate peptides are endogenous, that means, are present in our organisms and we could say that are our natural variety of morphine, but without its pernicious effect.
They allow us to, stand the pain, and at the same time report us pleasure which depends on intensity of the activity we´re doing. If their liberation is too profuse, we can experiment a certain sort of hangover, due to a enzyme which organism liberates and that is responsible of the short life of the endorphines.

2.- Vasodilator effect: Spanking produces skin bottom warming which favours dilation of blood vessels. If spanking is not stern or harsh, it´s like a transdermal massage destroying and decreasing fat nodules. Spanking is specially effectives if it´s applied with the hand, because of implements can decrease epidermis thickness or oven destroy it, if smacks are too harsh.
So that, if you want to save money in dermatological cremes such as Shiseido´s or similars, go over your spanker´s lap, who gratuitously help you to prevent "orange skin"

3.- Fly away from stress: When spankee gives herself fully to her spanker, she escapes from real world, opening her mind to a fictitious experience. The real is not reality, and she only must be worried about feeling and enjoying the contact of spanker´s hand or intrument. It´s like "Nirvana", just only flying away by the experience, living with intensity every smack, every caress, every gesture, every word... Crying is most of times neither pain nor suffering, just a liberation of stress.

4.- Back to childhood: Spanking is a great way let our mind fly thru our child memories, and not only that, but when we were children we had more illusion, more passion about things we did, and of course innocence that we miss across the passing of life.
It´s very significant that a lot of roleplays are developed on childhood or teenage scenarios, like schoogirl-teacher, niece-uncle, coach-sportgirl that only can hold up in our deepest fantasies.

5.- Finally and absolutely the most important reason: it´s the only way to avoid repressing our spanko conscience, in spite of ups and downs that we suffer, it´s a part of us which came, como and will come with us through our life.
It´s a pity to repress and negate a part of our own nature which maybe one day could be descifrated by scientists.

As always, excuse me if there are some mistakes. I am still improving my English!!!