miércoles, 22 de noviembre de 2006

The desperate search

Since long time ago, I have the idea to write a post for this blog, but sometimes by laziness, and others because it´s easier to wait until other people write a post, I didn´t decide myself to write an article.I don´t know the age of most of you, but I want you know that I´m 25 years old. My youth ought to be possitive for my spankophile, a lot years to practice, lot of people to meet, but the reality is so different. Most of people who dares to say love spanking are in thirties, fourties or more, and this age intimidates me. It´s true that there are young people who loves spanking but almost for me they are minory. I hope to be confussed about this and receive a lot of critics after this article be published, because it means that people of my own age express their opinions, and perhaps not so far we´ll find the courage to approach a girl or boy and tell him/her, would you like to be spanked by me? obviously it´s a fantasy so far.I want to seize a call for everypeople to revelate their spankophilia, i don´t talk to shout you love spanking, but I think it will be better if we participate in the groups and blogs.In the groups normally talk the same people about their own feelings and relationships, and it feels myself as a criminal sending desperate messages in a bottle inside a forum or contact pages, only to find someone to spent time talking about spanking and to discover the wonderful girl who were talking with me is from Argentina, El Salvador, Peru, Colombia, etc.... I claim simply because i can´t travel so far.I hope you don´t be bored due to this post.Bye bye

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