lunes, 27 de noviembre de 2006


Since I was child I have experimented feelings and sensations about spanking. I´m not able to remember when was the first time I thought of spanking, but I have memories when I was 4 or 5, and at that moment I fantasized about it.
I´m not a spankee, but in my first experiences I haven´t choice, I have to give and to receive spankings. Eight years ago I met a girl whose interests I think now were nearly Bdsm than spanking. I´ve never participated into Bdsm session, I respect this position but I don´t like it, I´m much interested in erotic spanking.
I don´t know how to explain in few words the sensation I feel when I pull down the panties of spankee, it´s a mix of excitation, responsability and flush. This is the moment I prefere, the bare bottom give to my nervous system a lot of information about her owner.
At this moment the blood flushes as quicly as it can, heart pumps soundly and intense, it´s time to take a break and to watch closely the girl buttocks that soon turn into red.
My favourite position is over the knee, it represents as any other position the mutual agree and return to childhood, it´s the best representation of the primary spanking games, passion and devotion. I like others postions such over a table or chair, but Otk is the most childlike but at same time erotic, while other positions promotes spanking over the libido.

Preferably I like to use my hands, they are part of our senses and I think they have a complicity component that other implements have not.
Through the hands you feel the smoothness, heat radiation which emanates from the delicious derriéres (buttocks), and pleasure through the tact. I believe I´m not able to control the intensity of spanking already with other instrument apart from the hand and I don´t like bruises and wealts. Of course hairbrush attracts my attention, it´s so classical...
Apart from this, I think it´s time to talk about spankees, their uniforms and the settings. I go mad with schoolgirls skirts, perhaps due to the colective subconscious we have developed.. I don´t believe in domestic discipline, few days ago a good friend told me that spanking implies a lot of sensations and it´s difficult and dangerous I think too, to give a spanking if you don´t feel good. Personally I think as her and I believe spanking isn´t suitable to everyday, almost for me spanking only ought to be present at moments of plenty acceptance and humour, to avoid situations which could harm the state of mind of both.. I respect people who believe in D/D because I suppose they accept and give their punishments by common consent, if anytime they don´t do it like that it will be reprehensible. I prefer recreational part of this game and don´t mix it with my real life experiences.

Talking about the scenarios and costumes, I like very much victorian age and its severity and implicit fetishes. It was the time of servants and severe lords, maids bawling over the lord knees, with their inoccence that I like very much. This mix of craftiness and naivety are qualities I appreciate very much, of course spankee must try to escape from her punishment, but I am there to avoid it.
Spanking is such a high erotic voltage relax. Now I´m sitting on the university stairs, watching these young bottoms, asking me how many of them would allow me to spank their bottoms over my lap, to teach them what is discipline. Almost important to me is spankee´s face, because it´s the way I fall in love. Another mine curiosity is to evaluate the pack consists of spankee, her face and her bottom. If she is young her bottom bust be firm, and it´s not so important if it´s small or large, her face must be crafty and she must be smaller than me, I am about 5´6".
If spankee is mature my preferences change, I don´t look for the innocence in her look, but rebelliousness because of she must revolt to a spanking given by a younger man. Bottoms at this age are not so firms as young, although honorous exceptions exists. I like to have over my knees a plenty woman, it´s such to catch up the maximum of this fantasy. Young spankees are much dociles, but older are such a Rolls Royce they bring you class and clearness in their desires.

I say you goodbye until my next post, I hope my reflections help you to understand more my motivations and taste about spanking

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