lunes, 27 de noviembre de 2006


Since I was child I have experimented feelings and sensations about spanking. I´m not able to remember when was the first time I thought of spanking, but I have memories when I was 4 or 5, and at that moment I fantasized about it.
I´m not a spankee, but in my first experiences I haven´t choice, I have to give and to receive spankings. Eight years ago I met a girl whose interests I think now were nearly Bdsm than spanking. I´ve never participated into Bdsm session, I respect this position but I don´t like it, I´m much interested in erotic spanking.
I don´t know how to explain in few words the sensation I feel when I pull down the panties of spankee, it´s a mix of excitation, responsability and flush. This is the moment I prefere, the bare bottom give to my nervous system a lot of information about her owner.
At this moment the blood flushes as quicly as it can, heart pumps soundly and intense, it´s time to take a break and to watch closely the girl buttocks that soon turn into red.
My favourite position is over the knee, it represents as any other position the mutual agree and return to childhood, it´s the best representation of the primary spanking games, passion and devotion. I like others postions such over a table or chair, but Otk is the most childlike but at same time erotic, while other positions promotes spanking over the libido.

Preferably I like to use my hands, they are part of our senses and I think they have a complicity component that other implements have not.
Through the hands you feel the smoothness, heat radiation which emanates from the delicious derriéres (buttocks), and pleasure through the tact. I believe I´m not able to control the intensity of spanking already with other instrument apart from the hand and I don´t like bruises and wealts. Of course hairbrush attracts my attention, it´s so classical...
Apart from this, I think it´s time to talk about spankees, their uniforms and the settings. I go mad with schoolgirls skirts, perhaps due to the colective subconscious we have developed.. I don´t believe in domestic discipline, few days ago a good friend told me that spanking implies a lot of sensations and it´s difficult and dangerous I think too, to give a spanking if you don´t feel good. Personally I think as her and I believe spanking isn´t suitable to everyday, almost for me spanking only ought to be present at moments of plenty acceptance and humour, to avoid situations which could harm the state of mind of both.. I respect people who believe in D/D because I suppose they accept and give their punishments by common consent, if anytime they don´t do it like that it will be reprehensible. I prefer recreational part of this game and don´t mix it with my real life experiences.

Talking about the scenarios and costumes, I like very much victorian age and its severity and implicit fetishes. It was the time of servants and severe lords, maids bawling over the lord knees, with their inoccence that I like very much. This mix of craftiness and naivety are qualities I appreciate very much, of course spankee must try to escape from her punishment, but I am there to avoid it.
Spanking is such a high erotic voltage relax. Now I´m sitting on the university stairs, watching these young bottoms, asking me how many of them would allow me to spank their bottoms over my lap, to teach them what is discipline. Almost important to me is spankee´s face, because it´s the way I fall in love. Another mine curiosity is to evaluate the pack consists of spankee, her face and her bottom. If she is young her bottom bust be firm, and it´s not so important if it´s small or large, her face must be crafty and she must be smaller than me, I am about 5´6".
If spankee is mature my preferences change, I don´t look for the innocence in her look, but rebelliousness because of she must revolt to a spanking given by a younger man. Bottoms at this age are not so firms as young, although honorous exceptions exists. I like to have over my knees a plenty woman, it´s such to catch up the maximum of this fantasy. Young spankees are much dociles, but older are such a Rolls Royce they bring you class and clearness in their desires.

I say you goodbye until my next post, I hope my reflections help you to understand more my motivations and taste about spanking

viernes, 24 de noviembre de 2006

Parents have the guilty, they dress their daughters as spankees

This is a post my blog´s teacher send me. I want to give you a lot of thanks and tell you are a lovely girl and also a naughty spankee

Author: Selene

Parents have the guilty, they dress their daughters as spankees

Since they were child... they are going to the street dressed like spankees, uniformed to attend their schools which normally belong to clergy, so that it´s usual certain percentage come into spanking scene.
What does a young girl feel when she watch images that explode the school image as sexual icone?
Today I don´t fantasize about uniforms, but I want to tell you what happened to me when I was about 10. We had a trunk at home, my daughters and me used to disguise. Among these clothes there were three checked skirts. I don´t know its procedence, because of we didn´t go to private schools... but they there were over there among hundreds of clothes that livened up our afternoons.

I´m still getting alive the images about us dressed as schoolgirls, due to we didn´t use uniforms, so that they were costumes for us. Of course I didn´t see any image as I have described, but I remember myself in front of a big wooden wardrobe which had a big mirror that covered almost totally its door, dressing a blue skirt and looking at myself in the mirror.

I remember a strange excitation which without question was sexual I used to satisfy reading a tale´s book!, yes..... as you have read.. tale´s book. At this age I hadn´t another material. In this book there was an illustration about a man with severe expression looking at young boy, that bowed his face.

At this dialoghe the young boy said:

-Well, punish me twice, I deserve it.

He didn´t talk about spanking, the punishment was different, in a book was plenty of schoolgirls uniformed, getting cornertime... it was the phrase and the expression of a severe man which looked like to manage all with this severe look. And this man who managed all, finally resulted to be a wonderful father worried about his family. He was the person in charge to administer the punishment. Looking this picture I masturbated for the first time.

Today i´m not looking for the origin of my tendences, but I suppose all of us had seeking its.
Spankee inbornes not acquires... and surely it comes from the joint of several factors which separated hadn´t create a fantasy, but united made me a spankee.

miércoles, 22 de noviembre de 2006

Spanking movies

It´s only altruism. I need to share with you some links I loaded recently on a webhost. In the next days I will put more links. I hope you enjoy its and send me your comments, suggestions and all that you want.

The beginning

I started my confessions on a previous post in fer´s blog, but now i decided to write a new post in english because is the spanking language. When i was child a feeling began to grow up inside me. I didn´t know it origin but it will follow me along my childhood, adolescence and today is present in my daily life. I´ve got a lot of friends, but I have never confessed to anyone that I love spanking. I know some of them know it because they make me a few jokes. At the beginning it feels me sad, but today i have understood that spanking is part of my life and my feelings, i want it or not. It´s not good to hide my feelings but it isn´t easy talk to your partner that you want to spank her bottom and you hope she enjoys it.I have got a girlfriend, she is the kind of woman you like to flaunt, she´s pretty and smart. She is not a topmodel but i don´t want it. recently I started to talk her about spanking. To the first she didn´t like to be spanked , but now, she allows me to give her some strokes of my hand on her bare bottom as a part of warm up in our sexual relations.I don´t know how to tell her that I need and want is to introduce her in a spanking role games. Is different to spank in a sexual relation than spank her bottom as a game.I am 25 years old at this moment and I know that the most important moments in my life are coming up, but i don´t know if I will can wait

Mature spankee Vs young spankee

When I sent my first post To Fer, he answers and tells me that he had liked it, and there was another theme that was in the air, a mature woman who is spanked by a young man. He didn´t specify me the genre of spanker, and I seized this situation to play with his idea, and change the theme of the post. I´m more attracted by the different possibilities that young and mature spankees represent. Due to some girls in their twenties wrote comments about my previous post I know they exist. The main theme of this post is about the choice between mature or young spankees giving details within my limitations, the qualities they represented to me.Spanking a woman who is in her thirties or forties is a pleasure difficult to explain; the sensation about have over our knees a plenty woman has a lot of lovely implications to a young spanker as me. The initial respect derivated between the age difference is transformed by the slow spanking is coming. Particularly i like very much the image of a mature woman been spanked over the knees of a young spanker, submiting and enjoying as girl the stinging of her bottom. By a moment she leaves to be a busy woman to submit the young man, that finds her plenty of forms and spiritual. For much women the roleplay has finished, and they enjoyed only for a plesure that represents spanking. It´s time to experiment with new implements, positions and perhaps to stablish a spanking couple relationship.The youth of a spankee is an element that is not possible to recover. The naivety and the smoothness of spankee´s bottom are very important to arouse to spanker sensations from younger to older. The older spankers have the opportunity to remember their first spankings if they had or to fantasy about it if they hadn´t. But young spankees have not only virtues, because usually they are not able to let theirselves go by the experience as older women have. At this age, in every punishment the spankee wants to run away from the spanker´s knees and certain kind of shame as time goes by. I only pretend to open a debate, comments and critics about this post.Finally, I think it´s not important to be older or younger, only the way we enjoy.

The desperate search

Since long time ago, I have the idea to write a post for this blog, but sometimes by laziness, and others because it´s easier to wait until other people write a post, I didn´t decide myself to write an article.I don´t know the age of most of you, but I want you know that I´m 25 years old. My youth ought to be possitive for my spankophile, a lot years to practice, lot of people to meet, but the reality is so different. Most of people who dares to say love spanking are in thirties, fourties or more, and this age intimidates me. It´s true that there are young people who loves spanking but almost for me they are minory. I hope to be confussed about this and receive a lot of critics after this article be published, because it means that people of my own age express their opinions, and perhaps not so far we´ll find the courage to approach a girl or boy and tell him/her, would you like to be spanked by me? obviously it´s a fantasy so far.I want to seize a call for everypeople to revelate their spankophilia, i don´t talk to shout you love spanking, but I think it will be better if we participate in the groups and blogs.In the groups normally talk the same people about their own feelings and relationships, and it feels myself as a criminal sending desperate messages in a bottle inside a forum or contact pages, only to find someone to spent time talking about spanking and to discover the wonderful girl who were talking with me is from Argentina, El Salvador, Peru, Colombia, etc.... I claim simply because i can´t travel so far.I hope you don´t be bored due to this post.Bye bye


Hi to everybody: At this moment my blog begins, i don´t know if I will write for a few months or forever, but in any case his mission is to extend the spanking community in spanish language. For the foreign visitors I promise to translate to english and french my posts, but I don´t know if I will be able do it. The two first posts belongs to I wrote both of them few months ago.The new posts will come soon. I hope you help me to improve this blog.
Exense me if there are some mistakes, and tell me in order to rewrite it.
My best regards for all of you