miércoles, 22 de noviembre de 2006

The beginning

I started my confessions on a previous post in fer´s blog, but now i decided to write a new post in english because is the spanking language. When i was child a feeling began to grow up inside me. I didn´t know it origin but it will follow me along my childhood, adolescence and today is present in my daily life. I´ve got a lot of friends, but I have never confessed to anyone that I love spanking. I know some of them know it because they make me a few jokes. At the beginning it feels me sad, but today i have understood that spanking is part of my life and my feelings, i want it or not. It´s not good to hide my feelings but it isn´t easy talk to your partner that you want to spank her bottom and you hope she enjoys it.I have got a girlfriend, she is the kind of woman you like to flaunt, she´s pretty and smart. She is not a topmodel but i don´t want it. recently I started to talk her about spanking. To the first she didn´t like to be spanked , but now, she allows me to give her some strokes of my hand on her bare bottom as a part of warm up in our sexual relations.I don´t know how to tell her that I need and want is to introduce her in a spanking role games. Is different to spank in a sexual relation than spank her bottom as a game.I am 25 years old at this moment and I know that the most important moments in my life are coming up, but i don´t know if I will can wait

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