martes, 9 de octubre de 2007

Spankee´s Olympus

"As you look pretty, you are going to be arrogant"This is a phrase extracted to a spanish rumba song by "Los chichos.
They didn´t know what happen to arrogant spankees: their haughtiness bring them a journey to spanker´s knees.
I was really lazy these latest days, but today I feel more active.
I want to dedicate this post to spankees, who make this game possible, and of course those who have became in part of my erotic legend.
I have seen lot of spankees, but only these ten, are into my Spankee´s Olympus. I have the pleasure to introduce you to:

Debbie: She was the first spankee I remember, I was catched by her photoseries and minimovies recorded in 8mm. It was a pity she withdrawed from spanking scene in 1984 . Today, it´s possible seing pictures of her. She shooted for Nu-West Leda

Rosaleen Young
: One of those marvellous spankees, and probably one of the few who seems to enjoy filming videos. It seems that she´s retired fro the scene. There are a lot of spankos, including me, who will be happy if she returns. She shooted films for FirmHand and Spanking Online

Samantha Woodley
: The most beauty spankee in the scene to me, now. She´s an enthusiast fan of OTK spankings, and doesn´t disdain using implements. She´s beautiful. She´s adorable, isn´t she? You can find her in Firmhand, Shadow Lane, Dallas Spanks Hard, etc

: AA gal who seems to be a hard woman, she doesn´t gesticulate usually, but of course her soberby increases the power of spankings she receive. You may watch her at Realspankings and its synergy. She also shoot videos for GBS under a pseudonymous, Christine

Annabel Lee
:OAnother beautiful Spankee who come down by the hand of Clare . You can find her in Clare Fonda´s spanking sites.

Amy Denison
: She´s a great spankee, who never shows her bottom completely. She always covers it with a thong, in her own words, because nobody must see what she has between her legs. Will the reason that makes her videos interesting be? I believe that everyone hope she drop her panties sometimes. She has only work for FirmHand

Clare Fonda: Is not only her attractive maturity, neither being an excellent swith, nor being a producer of 3 companies, nor nor bringing up the most beautiful spankees, she´s simply one of the greatest starlets in the spanking scene
She´s is the boss of a synergy of 3 companies. Previously She has worked with Chelsea Pfeiffer and Shadow Lane. She also shooted for The Spanking Couple

As Spankee

As spanker

Alice Wonder: One of the newest girls of Clare Fonda´s spankees factory. She starred the "Gone with the wind" spanking movie, Exclusive Education 1
The second part of this movie is also avalaible now

Annie (GBS): A pleasant red-head who´s a classic spankee of Girls Boarding School . I like very much her child attitude

And Finally I leave the spankee number ten, at your own choice. No matter if you don´t know her name, Post a link of her photo, and I try to say to you her name.
My best regards to all of you

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