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Spanking in Videogames

I don´t know if exists a post that compiles Spanking in videogames in any Blog. Since I was child, I´m getting into playing videogames, from different platforms like primitive Spectrum, Atari, Master system, Mega Drive, PC (Dos and windows games), PS1, PS2, XBOX and XBOX360.
I don´t spend a lot of time playing, but when I find a good game, I can spend all of my free-time playing it.
So many years, and from an early age, have allow me to come with computing from its Stone Age to now. There are some games in which spanking appears, here you have:

  • God of Hand: Avalaible for Ps2. A Beat´Em Up Classic, this means you need to fight with all people bump into. But this game is particularly special, we can spank our opponent
  • 7 Sins: An spicy game for PS2 and PC. The main aim of this game is to get people make love with you, get a spanking, or take her or him to the dungeon. We can choose a lot of characters and there are some interested in spanking.
  • Larry: Leisure City Magna Cum Laude 8. A good old classic game. The last edition have a lot of features, including spanking. At the university we´ll meet a lot of girls, and of course some spankees...
I have only found one video, but at least there are two spankees more. Here you can watch their photos.
Sally Mae, a young farm girl. She looks like as a country singer. She loves the paddle and OTK spankings



  • The Spanking Machine: This a good recreational machine, which allows us to spank people who make our life miserable. If virtual spanking exists, must be this machine. We can choose between 8 characters
  • Tales of Symphonia: we can´t interactuate in this game
  • Smackdown VS raw: An amazing wrestle game. Like in a real life, it´s possible to spank the opponent
  • Finally, this game is not created yet, but game great master Hideo Kojima, esencially creator of the Metal Gear saga, seems to want developing a spanking simulator for DS. Here you can read the New

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I have a 4 videos of spankings from the same game.

I will be adding these when I get the time.