sábado, 4 de agosto de 2007

8th August: World Spanking Day

Autora: Ana K. Blanco

Surely most of you are wondering where started the idea to set “The Spanking Day” on 8th August.

Well, past year talking with the prestigious editor of “Azotes Y Nalgadas”, my dear friend Fer, we thought it would be wonderful to set a “World Spanking Day”and given that 8 is a number which seems a pair of buttocks, we thought that 8th of August would be the best date to celebrate it.

The way to celebrate this day is personal and everyone must employ their imagination, and of course it depends on your mood. Maybe disciplinary spanking lovers will try to correct their students sending them to the corner, placing on their knees or ordering to bottom up!.

Erotic spanking lovers will try to find an excuse such as bad behaviour, mistakes, etc on his or her spankee for spanking her or him and then have a good sex session. I know too, more than one spanker that needs no reason to spank her spankee, because is his way to cuddle her, to express his love, and therefore it converts spanking in something wonderful and joyful.
I want to answer you a question like I did to Fer past year, What would you give to your spanker or spankee to celebrate this day?
I want to tell you an anecdote: past year I give as a present to my spanker a quilted paddle, but he didn´t like it, and of course He was angry and spanked me. I achieved my purpose, he spanked me to celebrate the day of the passion we love, because we are same faces of coin.

So that, dear friends, I invite you to celebrate your own spanking day, enjoy it and then tell us your experience.

My best regards to all spankos

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Outlaw dijo...

A spanker's day, nice concept. Enjoy your blog, hope you'll keep up the good work.