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Spanking orgasm

Recently I have read on an english yahoo group this article that I consider very interesting.
I hope you read it carefully, and may extract a beautiful experience with your spanking couple.

There is a lot to be learned about this subject, but I would say that when my objective is to give the woman I am spanking an orgasm, I am successful over 95% of the time.

Since I feel that this is an important subject, let me share with you some of my insights which each of you may decide to incorporate or not depending upon your own preferences and the situations that you find yourself within.

The first step is setting the mood. The spankee must feel completely comfortable with you. Any fear that they she may have should only be fears that can be quickly mitigated during the spanking. The spankee should be completely confident in you and feel that you know what you are doing. Never say or do anything doing the build up to place any doubt in the spankee's mind, but instead, make them feel completely comfortable that you are in charge, that you are respectful, that you are there to enjoy the experience, and that you don't have a doubt in your mind what is going to happen.

Some spankee's want to role play or pretend that they are being placed into a particular set of circumstances. Attempt to pick up on this as quickly as possible and throw yourself into the appropriate role. Study anime relationships, Slave Girls of Gor, and read Janus or other magazines dedicated to understanding these roles.

Never ask but never command. Every step of the process should proceed with complete mutual respect. "You'll need to take those panties off as well" is 100 times more effective than, "Get your panties down now, bitch" (although in certain circumstance the latter is better).

Make use of extensive eye and body contact when placing the spankee over your lap or otherwise into the spanking position. Comfort the spankee with natural gestures, hugs, gently moving the face so she must stare into your eyes, ensuring that her body is well balanced over your knee, etc.

Once placed in the spanking position, rub the back, tell her how soft her hair is, admire her bottom, and do other things so that the spankee feels very special. Explain that this is going to be an erotic spanking. It is going to hurt a little in order to get you stimulated, but the hurt will quickly subside and you should move into a state of dreamy, blissful peace. If at any time, you feel uncomfortable to let you know as this is as much for your pleasure as it is for mine. If she should make a complaint, be very attentive, but very resolved that we need to get through the problem.

Note that some scenes require very little communications and others require quite a lot. Try to project yourself into the head of the spankee such that you can tell where her head is at throughout.

Don't spank too gently! She needs to feel it, but she doen't need to feel in pain. A smooth, moderately slow rhythm is needed.

Start by spanking all over the buttocks, but gradually move to focusing on the bottom of the buttocks and in the middle of the buttocks. Don't go too far down the legs. The spanks should transition from some initial sting to a totally stingless thud that can be felt throughout the spankees body. Place your non-spanking hand on the small of the back and manipulate the muscles there as they will be felt throughout the buttocks and well into the vagina.

If you do not have the spankee cumming after a few minute, politely ask if she would mind some light stimulation. Unless she disagrees, interupt the spanking and place two fingers into her vagina, hand down and stimulate her G-Spot (this is rarely required for most women who are into spanking, but it usually breaks the dam on the hard cases). Go back to spanking and alternate as needed.

Don't stop after the first orgasm. Make her cum a number of times until her body is shaking from the orgasms. Give her plenty of head space without interruptions so that she can truly enjoy the experience. Don't spank harder to add additional orgasms, but make it appear that you are doing so. Breath hard, appear to be fully exerting yourself, and appear to be about to cum yourself to enhance her experience.

Best regards,
Uncle Larry

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