jueves, 3 de mayo de 2007

Sitting on the stairs of the spanking College

Sitting on the stairs of the University smoking a cigarrette, I find myself meditating about equations. Girls distract me laughing, talking loud, and their conversations about boys. Noise which emanates from their throats is so loud, it´s inavoidable to listen their talks, in spite of the volume of my Ipod is too up. I change their chats, they´re talking about spanking, punishments for not do correctly the exercises or teaching practices instead of equations. Spring is in the air, and my blood must be plenty of "spankocytes", they ´re travelling across my entire nervous system, altering my perception about all around me.
A question is making me crazy, How many of these girls are interested in spanking? I´ve met two girls in this college, one of them was a bad affaire, and the other through messenger, she doesn´t know who am I, but I know who is she because she has a photo on her window chat.
Some mornings I come across her, and I crack a complicity smile, she must think i´m a complete asshole, cause we don´t know each other.
I am not attracted to her, but I feel we are connected by a link more powerfull than physical attraction, we both like spanking. She confessed me along one of our few talks that she knows two or three spankos in the college. Talk finished when she asked me what i´m studying, I couldn´t lie her, it is not honest lie her, and I answered her. By the moment her answer didn´t come, it was needed to wait, finally the answer is coming. The girl is dazed , she knows we share classrooms and I know who is she, she stopped the conversation and I haven´t another talk with her. I suppose she is scared because of a stranger may enter on her deeper intimacy. Today I promise myself before the course ends, I´m going to approach her and confess about it, although I suppose the chat will be surrealist
I approach to her and talk- Hi, we´ve talken, but you don´t know me- then she´ll think that I´m tryng to make advances to her. But this idea will smear soon when I tell what is my motivation. Another option could be build a friendship link, and try to confess me afterwards. Anyways I´m not sure about what I must do, because I don´t like to keep a love relationship and neither spanking, Have I the right to interfere in her life? or Disturb her for nothing?
I raise my head up, it´s too late and I´m hungry. Absorbed in my thoughts I leave the college and I go for a walk to home.
Now I´m making a fair, and put it on the blog.
Tomorrow will be another day, we´ll come across, the story will be back up....

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