viernes, 4 de mayo de 2007

"Eppur si muove"

Rome, 12th of April, 1632
Galileo Galilei is been interrogated about his scripts and books at the Inquisition Court in the Pontiff´s City. After been humiliated and have to admit that their scripts were false and lacked of truth, he was sentenced to house arrest, and their books banned. Legend tells that when he was leaving the court, he muttered:-"Eppur si muove" ( and yet it moves)

Galileo´s obstinacy looks like as spankee´s rebelliousness, they accept their punishments, they place on spankers´ knees, put their knickers down or leave them to put down their panties. They face spankings between a mix of fear, expectation and desire. Some of the spankees after the session are not able to admit the reasons which have taken them to the knees of her spanker, and come back with arrogance for a new ration of spank.
Definitely Galileo´s reasons and spankees´ reasons are the same, they know that by conventionalisms they deserve the punishment, but deep down they have to rebel against what they think is an injustice, with one condition: Spankees like spanking and Galileo wasn´t happy about his sentence.
The motivations of the spankees´rebelliousness could take up a lot, and cause I´m not inside of their brains I don´t dare to give you an appropriate explanation.All of us know that spankers aren´t so expressive than spankees are, or at least what is told in spanking gossiping places. I don´t believe that´s true, but I must say on most ocassions we haven´t the needed ability to empathize them.
In front of us we only see a naughty , impudent or unruly girl who hasn´t have a good behaviour, so that she receives a good old-fashioned spanking.
Other times the motivations to the spanking aren´t real, we let ourselves swept away by the passion of game, heat of her buttocks, her beauty and her presence.
I believe that all of spankers have deep down a little master executioner who represents the best of our ancient cultural roots. But what would be about the game, without executioners ready to interpretate justice, sui generis, and victims who only open their mouths to beg receiving their punishment and question to receive more strokes.... fun would ends
I don´t know if an anthropological explanation of our sexual activities through the spanking is right, but at least opens some interesting questions.

The attraction of spankee over spanker is a powerfull force, she set the trend. If she wants a spanking only needs to be a naughty girl, moving in a provocative manner and provokes us. Here starts the game, i´m not talking about spanking but psychological. Spanker believes to be in charge, but really spanking pheromones have marred his sight, cause he is only a hunted hunter. He lets swindle in a game he believes is a dominant part, the strict and right man, he doesn´t realise woman he has on their knees is the dominant. She has provocated the spanking, she´s obtained what she was looking for and was scolded, and her rebelliousness is only a delicious ruse to receive a little bit more.
We believe sometimes, cause we´re spankers, we are Kings of the mambo, but the reality is very different, and spankees are the Queens of Saba, definitely we aren´t more than a prologation of the instrument we use....
I suppose in submissive relationships that´s not true, but this is not submission, just talk about spanking...

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Dear Cometospk,

I have just read this blog entry and it is very good, very insightful. It makes me sad that I am not able to read your Spanish blog. I saw that you have put up a link to my blog and I have returned the favour with delight.

Thanks for a beautiful blog.


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Pleasure is having visitors like you Janice. Your blog is a great reference , full of interesting stories and very well presented. Now, I put your link in my spanish blog too.
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