lunes, 23 de abril de 2007

Stripped of all, we are geometry

We´re geometry, somepeople more good-looking and harmonious than other, but finally we´re carbon-based structure and certains patrons adquired by the time along of hundreds generations of homo sapiens sapiens. Genetic code, mutations and variations that conforms everyone different except identical twins.
Everyone is based of the golden section which governs grown structures, a number that manages our esthetics fates and our beauty and harmony at the same time.
It has also called divine proportion, it´s represented by Fi number in honour of sculptor FidiasIf the ratio between the sum of those quantities and the larger one is the same as the ratio between the larger one and the smaller. This is a golden section.
A well-proportioned body will fit these conditions. Out of considerations and beauty canon, this section indicates us how near or far we are from the correct proportion there must be between different body parts. The most clear example is the ratio between the distance of waist and floor and our height, and the other is the ratio between waist floor distance, and waist-head distance. The more we´re near of divine proportion, more proportioned will be our body.
Be careful! this ration don´t understand about thins or fats. A person could be very stylized and don´t be proportioned, and at the same time a fat person can be well proportioned. Other parts of the body can fulfil this ratio, for example buttocks.

This proportion is not present only in macroscopical level but in microscopical too, due to DNA structures fit the golden section.
It´s very curious, and of course before me greatest wises like Leonardo Da Vinci, famous architects, great painters, sculptors and more;noticed this number appears so many times in so many parts of our body.
This post isn´t about spanking, but about beauty and proportion. If anyone asked himself about why that girl or man was so well-proportioned or pretty more than a well-faced or well-worked body, here is the answer.
As you can see stripped of all we´re geometry, it´s fascinating, isn´t?

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