sábado, 26 de mayo de 2007

The Spanker, The Brush and The Spankee

I show you the premiere of Sergio Leone´s Spanko Remake.Let´s go to write it
The Spanker, The Brush &
The Spankee
Now, we only need a good storyboard, so that intrepid writers are needed. Just write a few lines to this spanko western story. It will be an open story, everyone will add their lines continuing the precedents, until we have finished. I promise to make a video, editing images, phrases, some clips and of course the storyboard.
As the Host I write the first lines of this story:
-"My eyes become acostumed to your red buttocks as dust to track, little cowgirl"- He told, after taming that mad girl in country boots, with a bottom proudly of the best saloons.
-"You are a cretine and bastard, I realize in the way you spank me"- Dakota
Answered arrogantly while puting up her panties and arranging her dress. She hasn´t had enough with good old-fashioned spanking, foreman gave her to have let escape a couple of horses. Being cattle rancher´s daughter, doesn´t exonerate her, but imposes iron discipline by the full consent of her father.

To Be Continued....

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