miércoles, 18 de abril de 2007

10 tips for safing spanking play

I don´t remember where I found this short article, anyways I expect it wil be interesting

1. Spanking Play should be safe and consensual.

2. Know your spanker and ask about their past experiences.

3. Always use safewords like “Red” means “Stop”.

4. When hand spanking, take off your rings, they leave marks.

5. When using a paddle, direct the paddle to strike the lower half of the buttocks.

6. Sharp edges or rough areas on a paddle may break the skin.
7. Be careful with the force of your stroke. Paddles cause a sharper, more intense pain than a hand spanking.

8. The narrower the paddle, the less noise it will make and the more likely it will be to leave marks.
9. Always begin a paddling session with a hand spanking to warm up and prepare the bottom.

10. When using a heavy paddle the best position for the bottom to be either prone or standing upright with hands braced against the wall and legs spread.

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