miércoles, 9 de enero de 2008

January Spankee

Once I´m back to the daily routine, my second post of 2008 is dedicated to Spankee of the month: January Contest. First of all I want to let you know the results of December. The winner is Rosaleen Young with the 29.6% of the votes, above a total of 169. November´s winner, Amelia Jane Rutherford (11.8%) has lowed to the third place. The second position is for Samantha Woodley (13.6%), and finally Amber Pixie Wells mantains fourth position with the 10.1 percent of the votes.
There are three new spankees instead of last three of December´s Contest, Kailee, Lisa and Linda who replace Kelly, Beverli Bacci and Kelly. Some changes are presented by the new contest: this month, poll is showed as a link in the left
upper side bar, click on it, and it will guide us thru a new poll with images of the spankees.
January is a suitable month to enjoy spanking, stay in home and avoid January challenges...

You can vote in the left upper side poll. Choose your favorite spankee

2 comentarios:

Dave dijo...

maybe if Rosaleen Young reads this post, she will come back to the scene :-)

We can only hope! :)


Cometospk dijo...

I hope it too. That be a good new for the entire spanking community.
Thanks for your comment Dave