martes, 15 de abril de 2008

One more time, there´s a new contest winner, and as the previous times, she´s a never winner before. She´s beautiful, reluctant and nice, and her name is... Samantha Woodley.
Talking about the other participants, Rosaleen Young, the winner of December´s contest, climb up to the second place, meanwhile Amber Pixie Wells and Kailee, the last winners, falls to third and fourth position respectively.
We have news in our contest: Anastacia Pierce leaves the contest because of she didn´t receive votes during the last two months.
A new spankee takes her place: Katie Leigh.
Her entry is an homage to a good friend of mine. If you read this, it´s write for you ;)
The candidates to April-May Contest are:

1.- Samantha Woodley

2.-Rosaleen Young

3.- Amber Pixie Wells

4.- Kailee

5.- Amelia Jane Rutherford

6.- Clare Fonda

7.- Sarah, Realspankings

8.- Annabelle Lee

9.-Linda GBS

10.- Juliet Valentine

11.-Sierra Salem

12.- Debbie Nuwest

13.- MAO from

14.- Lisa GBS

15.- Alice Wonder

16.- Annie GBS

17.- Kathy, Realspankings

18.- Chloe Elise

19.- Amy Denison

20.- Heather Smith

21.- Katie Leigh

You have a poll here. It´s also avalaible in the left bar.

Regards from Spain

Who´s your favourite spankee?

Samantha Woodley
Rosaleen Young
Amber Pixie Wells
Amelia Jane Rutherford
Clare Fonda
Sarah Realspankings
Annabelle Lee
Linda GBS
Juliet Valentine
Sierra Salem
Debbie Nuwest
Lisa GBS
Alice Wonder
Annie GBS
Kathy Realspankings
Chloe Elise
Amy Denison
Heather Smith
Katie Leigh

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4 comentarios:

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Dave dijo...

I'm currently on an Amelia Jane Rutherford passion right now--I think she is amazing! :-)

Best to you,
Cherry Red

Cometospk dijo...

Hi Dave! I´m really fascinated by Amelia Jane. I find her very pretty, and when she acts it´s no doubt that she likes to be spanked.
Regards form Spain

erotictoys dijo...

spank em hard... make it red... i spank my girl's ass until she begs me to stop... like the photo... looks so hot...