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Secrets of enjoyable Spanking I

This article came to me through "Spanking Files Yahoo Group" . It seems very interesting, so that I´ve decided to post it. I´ve translated to spanish in my blog "el despacho del spanker"

Secrets of Enjoyable Spanking

Many people have never played, nor had the opportunity to watch experienced people play. And perhaps a spouse or friend has expressed an interest. Knowing how to proceed makes all the difference between a satisfying experience and and an ill-fated disappointment. A good adult spanking takes about an hour, and by following the suggestions outlined, an inexperienced player can look like an old hand in making fantasy a reality, which is what this is all about.

Agree on safewords. "Yellow" is a common word meaning the bottom is at the limit, and the impacts should be no harder nor come any faster. "Red" means stop. Choose whatever words you like, and remember that the bottom has a responsibility for communicating and the top for responding.

The open hand:
When using the hand, it should be cupped slightly with a small gap between the fingers. Place the tip of the thumb against the side of the index finger knuckle. The hand should be firm, but not tight. The wrist is kept straight, and the elbow is bent to adjust the distance. Impacts come from the upper arm/shoulder, and are delivered straight on to the target. This is the American style. The European style delivers upwards and downwards arcing, glancing impacts. They are hard to target and pull the skin. The American style is more direct, and preferred by most bottoms.

The number of positions are limited only by imagination and common sense. And the basic rule is "comfort is king!" Tightly stretched positions (e.g. holding the ankles) should be used only for short periods. The skin and underlying flesh is drawn tight, and not allowed to displace from the impact. Often this leads to marking and bruising. Other positions where the bottom's weight is carried by internal organs and the diaphragm (e.g. OTK using a chair) should also only be used for short periods. A short period means no more than about 10 minutes.
When bent over, the angle formed between the thighs and back should not exceed 45 degrees. The "on all fours" position is best when kneeling is done on knees and hands (with straight arms) and not knees and elbows. Or kneeling mostly upright on the seat of a chair or sofa. When standing the hands should be placed on a table or back of a chair to help maintain balance and support the weight downward. A wall helps maintain balance, but will not provide support if "dancing" begins. When lying down, pillows underneath the head, hips and ankles work wonders - it is far more comfortable than simply lying flat.
The sofa or bed makes the most relaxing and enjoyable place for OTK. The top should sit as far back as possible so the bottom is completely supported. Placing a pillow under the bottom's head and ankles makes it even more comfortable. When relaxed, the bottom finds it easier to go to the special place inside them (i.e. zoning, sub-zoning, flying).

Striking the same spot repeatedly is not preferred by many bottoms. The area needs a short time to recover. And striking above the tip of the tailbone is dangerous - the nerves exiting the base of the spine and the kidneys can easily be injured. An easy way to prevent this during OTK is for the top to lightly place one hand on the bottom's lower back. Extend the thumb so it touches the tip of the tailbone. This protects the area from inadvertent misses, especially if the bottom wiggles or kicks.
Draw an imaginary line across the buttocks between the tip of the tailbone and the very top of the thigh. Each cheek will be divided into a upper and lower section. Strike in a rotating pattern - for example: upper left, lower right, upper right, lower left, and repeat. Vary the pattern during play - at least once a minute. Then divide each cheek into thirds, create a pattern, then vary it.
Occasionally during play, a single gentle strike on the top of the thigh can be added in. This is a very sensitive area requiring reduced intensity. And for maximum effect, no more than 3-4 times on each thigh during play.

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