jueves, 7 de diciembre de 2006

Spanking our parents and grandparents played

When I got online for first time about 1998, first my brain did, was to send the signal to my hand to key word "azotes" on a websearch which was very popular in Spain www.ozu.es . Today I remembered clearly shiver I felt when I was keying the letters. I didn´t know what I could find, if there were spanking material or only links to bdsm pages. Suddenly I found a spanish page called "el amante de los azotes", today I don´t know what happened it, but it was very important, because I discover the word spanking, ¡EUREKA!. After the first emotion, I visited its articles, and despites of its aim was to sell spanking VHS videos that its author was collected from years. I felt for the first time relief, I wasn´t the only person interested in spanking around the world, in fact there were a lot of people interested on it, people wrote stories and made movies which spanking was involved.
My entrance to the spanking world was so easy, I only needed telephone access, a modem and about 30$, but always I have been interested into knowing how people met before internet existed. In Spain I have visited some sex shops at Barcelona and Madrid, but there aren´t any spanking material apart from some very expensive DVD´s. In spite of the absence of mass media our grand parents had fun; I´ve found in this eight years a lot of photos involving spaning, and picarous Alfonso XIII ( last king of Spain, before Republic and civil war) had a lot of porn movies which included some spanking films. I would like to upload its, but it´s impossible due to its size, and Youtube don´t allow post so big archives.

I know would be presuntuous, but despites I haven´t a lot of years in spanking scene, I can say spanking changes at the same time world do it. About 1998 in my early legal age, most of the spanking material was so kitsch, looked like 70´s, 80´s and a few photos and films from the next years. I have retained clearly photos of a Nu-west model named Debbie (this is one of those photos), her youth bend over by strict mom hairbrush. I haven´t found any Debbie´s videos.
At that time was impossible to download big videos, 50 Kbps modems weren´t able to do it, and really, only few countries had a good internet connection. I would know how older spankers and spankees started their spanking careers, becasue I think without internet spanking had died in me, except for a pair of dissapointing experiences.

There were spankees in Spain in the fifties, sixties or seventies? How did they spank? If somebody can tell me any information, i´ll be grateful, because i´m very inetrested to know more about spanking history in Spain. I know in other countries such United Kingdom In early past century there were spanking magazines, apart from books one or two centuries before, like "Fanny Hill". I suggest you watch the film about it, it´s very interesting. Another good movie is "Frank and I", which original title is "Lady Libertine" directed by french Gerard Kikoine.

After a certain amount of spankings in the movies about the second half of twentieth century, today and for the fifteen past years spanking has gradually dissapeared from movies. Each time there are less spanking scenes in the movies, and most of them in films where are represented sadomasochist relationship, like the korean "Lies", the american "Secretary" or the australian "Lillian´s Story", moving further away from daily spanking experiences.

What happened about me without spanking in the movies? I never was spanked at home, so that I only increase my fantasies with spanking in movies and Tv. I suppose I´m not the only person in this situation, so that many people empathized me.
Will be spanking transmited generation to generation by genetic? or it will be only a espontaneous mutation suffered by newborn spanking... I like very much the idea to transmit it along generations, but I think each one makes his own sexual life, based on situations that today escapes of our own knowledge. This post is dedicated to lovely people enjoyed, enjoy and will enjoy spanking.

Consent spankings are good, if you don´t agree ask to lady Spencer.
A big huge for all of you